Palestinian Anglicans
& Clergy Allies

"Compline for Palestine" vigil to be held Tuesday June 25 6-6:30pm at the Episcopal Church General Convention in Louisville, KY.
Links to the Compline liturgy can be found here and ENS coverage of the vigil here.

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Listen to Palestinian Christians - Quotes by Palestinian Christians used at General Convention '81

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Palestinian Anglicans & Clergy Allies (PACA) is a grass-roots organization of Palestinians - both living in the land of Palestine and in the diaspora - who are members of the Anglican Communion worldwide, and the ecumenical alliance of clergy and seminarians who support them. 

Our goal is to educate and equip the clergy of the Church in the global West to understand, teach and preach from sound theological and pastoral foundations about the realities faced by Palestinians. We do so by amplifying the voice of the global Anglican Palestinian community and by creating and curating resources for education and advocacy for clergy use to come alongside Palestinian Christians as allies and friends. Our work provides a network of fellowship and a platform for Palestinian Anglicans who have been forever impacted by the violence enacted against them since the late 19th century until today and by the Church’s silence in the face of their oppression and persecution. 

We invite all those who identify as Palestinian Christians (especially Anglicans, Episcopalians and Lutherans), as well as the clergy and seminarians of any faith tradition who are invested in supporting them, to join our community and further these efforts.

We are grateful to the Palestine Israel Network of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship for their support and partnership.

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